Video Thursday #4 - WoW Freakout

Pretty Pink Momma

Welcome to the fourth edition of Video Thursday! I would love if you want to help spread the word about Video Thursday and participate. Just grab the Video Thursday button on my sidebar and post one of your favorite videos, either personal or one circulating around the web. Don't forget to link up so I can check out your video!

Just in case some of you haven't seen this video, its hilarious! And, I hope that this is not a glimpse into my future, seeing as I have three boys that all love video games!


Leane said…
That was out of control!
WOW is right!

I almost feel sorry for that kid,but I feel more sorry for that remote control!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
blueviolet said…
Oh my gosh, if I didn't know what was happening, I'd think he was possessed!
Kimberly said…
I know, right! Hahahaha!