Memorial Day Fun! I can't wait for summer to begin now!

I had sooooo much fun this weekend with my family! It was so nice for all of us to spend time together, because between my husband's work schedule and my own we are pretty much never together with our kids on the weekends. Which really sucks. Our kids get really excited when they know that both Mom and Dad are going to be spending the day with them.

Sunday night when I got off of work I drove to my MIL's house to meet up with my husband, kids and in-laws. My FIL is a chef and he had cooked a delicious chicken alfredo for dinner. Needless to say, I plowed that down in about three bites! During dinner I found out that my husband's older brother had bought him a PS3 which I know that hubby has wanted forever. I know that made his day! I was happy that he finally got one so we could stop planning on purchasing one ourselves.

After the kids were in bed, they stayed the night at my MIL's, Oscar and I took off to go use my Cinebarre gift card. We had never been there and we were excited to go see Iron Man 2. BTW, Robert Downey Jr. is so hot in this movie! Cinebarre was okay, we didn't know how it worked and no one that worked there bothered to explain to us how to get our food ordered during the movie. Its a good thing that we weren't really hungry, but we did want drinks. Oh, and I was a little ticked that they wouldn't let me use the gift card to purchase the movie tickets - just the food, WTF? Who has ever heard of stipulations on a gift card? Weird. Anyways, the movie was awesome and we had a great time watching it. To me it didn't really matter what we did as long as it was date-like. I loved being able to spend some QT with Oscar.

When the movie was over we went to my parent's new trailer that they purchased to spend the night. Its still kind of creepy in there because they just bought it and since the primarily live in Arizona that hadn't had the time to fix it up yet. FYI they are coming next week to get started on it. Yay! For now, it smells like the old people that they bought it from and is total seventies decor. Wood paneling, formica counters, florescent lights and all. The important thing was that we had it all to ourselves, no kids. No kids + tired parents = uninterrupted sleep!!!

I'm not gonna lie it was tough waking up on Monday morning. I wished that we could just sleep the day away but we had promised the kids a trip to the Seattle Aquarium. As I was getting ready to go I noticed that my parents kitchen had an ant infestation. Yummy! There were the tiniest little ants on the counters so I had to call my parents and give them the good news. At least they will be here soon enough to get it taken care of.

Before we went to go get the kids we decided to have lunch at our favorite chinese restaurant. We love this restaurant. It reminds us of when we were younger, pre children, pre marriage. The place is located very close to our first apartment that we shared and it always brings back fond memories. Not to mention that the food is the best chinese food ever!

After lunch we were on our way to get the kids and go to the aquarium. The kids were really excited to go but even more excited that both of us were taking them. We got tons of great pictures of the sea life and of the kids enjoying it. It was so cool to see Emilio so excited to see all the fish. He was pointing at fish left and right! It was so darn cute! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

In the last picture the boys are looking in to the big dome room in the aquarium. They are trying to spot the sharks, because as boys they are most interested in fish that kill. There were tons of fish in there including sturgeon, huge star fish and one gigantic eel. Looking at the fish are calming but dealing with all the annoying people and tourists that get in my way isn't so much. Plus maneuvering a stroller around a crowd sucks too. By this time I had had my fill of fish and I was looking forward to checking out the otters and seals, also getting some fresh air cause it was really stuffy inside.

After we hit the aquarium gift shop we headed back to Oscar's mom's house for a family BBQ. I was too full to eat though because we secretly stopped at our favorite burger joint on the way there, Dick's. If you live in Seattle or have been there you know what I am talking about! Dick's is like a the burger place in Seattle. Since moving to Olympia we don't get to eat there as often as we'd like so I had to sneak it in. It was worth all the kajillion calories too!

After we finally finished eating at my MIL's too, which was so tough to do on a full stomach, we headed home. We live about 75 miles south of their house so its a bit of a drive, an hour and twenty minutes to be exact. I was so sleepy after our action filled day so I was really glad that Oscar didn't mind driving home. Once we got home we got all three boys in bed and then vegged out. All in all, a wonderful day and half that was spent with the boys in my life.

What did you do over the Memorial Day Weekend? Anything fun?



Tammy said…
Wow you were you have to read my post from yesterday and see how busy we were...

Looks like you had a good time! :)
Annie said…
Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Many things done and very busy.

Have a good day.
Looks like an awesome time!
I'm with you, who puts stipulations on g/c like that? Weird...
Cascia said…
It sounds like you had a busy weekend. My husband wants to see Iron Man 2 but I'm not interested in that movie. I think it is more of a guy flick.

Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms!
blueviolet said…
Your weekend sounds so wonderful! I'm not even sure if I left my house. I can't remember! LOL