Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Happy Birthday Benji!

Our little April Fool's Day baby turned five last Thursday. He loves blowing candles out so this picture is actually the second time he blew them out. I made him do it twice because he literally blew them out within a second of me lighting them the first time. He just can't resist the temptation! So I lit them again and instructed him to wait until we had finished singing happy birthday to him - plus you know I had to get a picture of it! Technically it was actually his fourth time blowing out the candles because we had his big birthday party on the Sunday before. Yep, you guessed it - he couldn't wait until we finished singing happy birthday that time either so we had to do a re-do for that candle blowing situation too!

Happy Birthday Benji! My little April Fool!

Benji loved rockin' his crown that they made for him in preschool - it's such a cute keepsake too!

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Janna said…
We've got a birthday coming up here too! Very cute!
kailani said…
Happy Birthday to a very special boy!

My sis was born on April 1st, too. :-)
Happy birthday to him! We have a newly crowned 5 yr old at Casa de Dummies too! Funny how time flies!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
The last shot is my favorite! Happy day!
Sue said…
Happy Birthday Benji. Looks like fun. I love his crown.

Happy WW!♥
Annie said…
Happy Birthday Benj!!! God bless him.
The 3 Bishops said…
Happy Birthday to your little one !

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Alison said…
What a cutie. I love his eyes. :D
Cascia said…
Happy Birthday to your little boy.
What a cutie pie!! Happy Birthday!! Love that he loves blowing out the candles!