Being Robbed Sucks... The Drama Continues

If you had a chance to read my Aloha Friday post then you know that last Thursday night many of our things were stolen from our car. In total I think we lost over $6000 worth of stuff.

On top of all the actual material possessions I have also had to deal with my banking, checking and credit card fraud issues. I had no idea just how underhanded and criminal people could be. I always thought that if someone stole from me that I would be forgiving, maybe they are in a worse situation than myself and they were desperate.

Needless to say, I don't think that anymore.

Now I just think that the buttholes that stole from me are just plain criminals, no remorse, nothing. They have been cruising to Walmart like its going out of style, trying every card I own to see if they had an available balance and then some. They even went as far as using my checkbook and social security number information to fraudulently pay off a couple of my accounts and then charge them right back up.

For some reason I had envisioned the thieves as men. I have no idea why, just blame it on TV I guess. I have since found out that it is a couple, if not more people, that are responsible. The only hope that I have of catching them is that they are stupid enough to try to use my cards everywhere that there are security cameras. I totally sucks though just how long it takes the detectives on the case to obtain the security footage.

I have also found what I believe to be a few of my possessions on Craigslist. The detectives won't bother with the trying to set up a meet for them unless I can tell from pictures posted on Craigslist that 100% without a doubt that is my stuff. I get that they don't want to waste their time if in fact the person on Craigs isn't the criminial but come on, they won't even try! If they would go with me to meet them I know that I would be able to tell in person if its my stuff or not. My laptop and my video camera have specific serial numbers that I can check it against if I had the chance to.

I am so pissed at this situation. I feel helpless. I don't even want my stuff back off of Craigslist. I just want some justice. I want the satisfaction that at least one person was caught in connection with this crime. I guess only time will tell if I will get what I want.

What bothers me the most is the thought that a ton of my stuff is probably just sitting in a dumpster somewhere because it held no value to the thieves, only to me. Things like my clothes, my favorite jeans, the cheap silver jewelery that I bought on my honeymoon and worst of all my antique, beaded black hand bag that belonged to my great grandmother. That one kills me.

Let's not forget that I had to walk around looking like a zombie for a couple of days because all of my makeup, brushes and hair accessories were stolen too. Thankfully I have a mother that loves me and she offered to buy me some makeup and clothes to tide me over until I get paid by the insurance company.

I have been on the phone the entire weekend as well as all of today trying to get things sorted out as much as I can. So beyond stealing my material possessions, identity, money and sentimental treasures they are STEALING MY TIME too! I wouldn't wish this type of torture on my worst enemy. It sucks.

As soon as I can I will get back to posting reviews and giveaways. I have a ton lined up but all of my time has been sucked into resolving bank fraud and my stolen identity. Hopefully things will be getting back to normal soon.



bayctygrl said…
:( (( BIG hug))

I can't even imagine what you're going through. One thing that makes me mad for you is that it seems like sometimes the criminals have more rights than the victims. I really hope there is a break in the case and by a miracle these people are caught.
Hannah said…
That is truly awful, I feel for you. What a horrible experience. I sincerely hope they are caught and get the maximum punishment possible.
MAC Mom said…
Wow what a horrible experience. Can you get the security footage and have it aired on local news station? My news station always airs footage of criminals trying to use stolen credit cards or bad checks to try to get the public to identify them. What trashy losers.

I hope everything works out and justice finds these criminals.
jlafount said…
I heard it was the Smurfs. They are under the influence of drugs now that Gargamel has died. Sad what mushrooms do to you.

Hopefully you get most of it back.
Katie said…
I am so, so sorry. People absolutely suck. Karma's a bitch though - while it totally sucks for you now, they'll get theirs.
Betty N said…
I truly hope you can recover the treasures that you can't replace. I will never understand how human beings rationalize that they can do that to another human being.
Janelle said…
What a horrible violation this is! "Criminals always forget that the eyes of God are upon them", my grandmother always said. I agree.
thank heavens you were not harmed, but the loss of time & invasion of space is horrendous.
sarah said…
omg that is so awful! i'm so sorry tihs happened to you. i hope things start to look up soon...and they better catch those rotten theives!!

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com
Tamara B. said…
OMG.......... I just read your post and I am so sorry you are going through this bullcrap! I can't believe the idots have your stuff on Craigslist and the cops won't even help you. Why don't you try to contact Craigslist and explain the situtation with your stuff and they might remove the items and the idot's account! I really wish there was something I could do to help you out :(
Janet said…
this has become such a common practice these days i became so angry last weekend when this thing happened to me i contacted this company and they recover my stolen identity info
Bebemiqui said…
We were robbed while in Turkey 7 years ago. The more valuable stuff didn't bug me, but my journal (with the chronicles of the last 3 years) was irreplaceable. By the hand of God, 2 years later a nice Swedish woman found it in the hills of Turkey, found my phone number and sent it back to me.