Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Look Ma! No Training Wheels!

Three weeks ago Oscar finally learned to ride a bike. Benji was jealous of his mad skills so I knew that he would be quick to follow. This last weekend Benji asked us to take the training wheels off of his bike and before we knew it he was riding like a pro! He spent three days using a Mini Glider that we are reviewing and after switching back and forth between the glider and his bike by Sunday night he was sure that he could ride a bike all by himself and so were we! Yay Benji! Way to go dude!

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That's a great achievement cycling without the training wheels. My #1 recently got the training wheels removed from his bike too.. it took him a couple of times and now he is cycling fine without them.
Anonymous said…
Yay for bikes!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Hooray! What an accomplishment!
Brenda said…
Its always exciting to see them reach this milestone!
lfhpueblo said…
Love to see he's practicing good habits by wearing his helmet.
Hooray, way to go Benji. We knew you could do it.
Tammy said…
Nice house in the background there...lol!

Great job Benji!
Karen said…
Very cool! I still remember my first bike with a strawberry red banana seat and oodles of happy biking through the neighborhood to friends' houses memories. My boy's first bike is also a bright green. Kudos to both Benji & Oscar on their big triumph! :>
fickleinpink said…
I can see a big smile and a hug for Mom!

Boys will be boys LOL

JamericanSpice said…
Awwww I bet he is so proud! Love the photos! That is such an accomplishment. I want a two wheeler for my son soon too.

P.s I love your blog design. Where did you get your template?
mail4rosey said…
Yep, when the big one does it, the younger one is sure to follow, and quickly. Congrats to both Oscar and Benji for being in the know! WOOT!
Carol said…
I think that because kids have so many more 'balancing' type toys now that they really do start to ride their bikes at a very early age. Back in the dark ages, it seemed to take me forever to learn to do it!

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