The Best Belt Ever!!

I have secretly wished forever that someone would solve the problem of the huge belt buckle sticking out under a great shirt. To me there is nothing worse than this ugly bulge acting as a signal flare to my most embarrassing feature of my body. Finally my prayers have been answered by the Invisibelt! This is the coolest thing, a clear or noir belt that has special clasp that lies completely flat. True that a clear belt may not be the cutest but if I wanted people to see my belt, the buckle bulge thing would not be a problem for me ;) It comes in sizes 2-14 and also plus size up to 4x. Another neat feature is now when you are bending over to pick up your kids or their toys you won't have to worry that you are showing your hiney to everyone. The Invisibelt sets you back $20 but I personally can't wait to get one.


Zeemaid said…
Thank you so much for finding this product! Never heard of it but I'm on my way to get one. I love your other finds too. Especially the girl stuff (I have 2). :)