Check Out Dr. Toy and Gain Valuable Insight On Your Next Toy Purchase

Today I visited the Dr. Toy Website. This is not a new site and has been around since 1995, but I had never checked it out until today. This site is stuffed with tons of information about childrens toys that have been reviewed by Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, AKA - Dr. Toy. She has 30 years experience and is one of the world's leading experts on play, toys and childrens products. Dr. Toy has written 15 books and several articles about play and toys. On this website you can view her Best Toy Picks, Best 25 for $10, Best of 2008, Smart Toys and Ask Dr. Toy to name just a few pages. So this year before you do your holiday shopping you can check out what Dr. Toy has to say about the toys that your kids most want for Christmas and get an expert opinion. There is a ton of info on this site so be prepared to be occupied for awhile. This site is super extensive so if you have a specific toy in mind there is also a product search at the top of the page to cut down your search time. Check out Dr. Toy and let me know what you think!