Cutie Patootie Socks!

Okay, so I know that sometimes I get a little too carried away with really cute girl stuff considering that I dont have one but I think that these socks are the cutest thing! I have the boys Johnny Sneaker version but these Mary Jane socks really makes me wish that I had a girl to dress up all pretty n stuff. I get so many compliments on these socks when my son wears them. The lace at the top really is the icing on the cake that makes everyone ooh and ahh. These are socks by Trumpette. They have soooo soooo many choices of cute socks, like camo, cowboy/girl, ballarina, Disney, jungle, sneakers, pixies - you name it. My favorites are the Mary Janes for the girls and the Johnny Sneakers for the boys. They run anywhere from $17 to $25 for six pairs. You can find them on tons of sites. Lots of boutiques sell them. I found them the cheapest on Amazon.


Renee said…
These make me smile. Super cute!
Sandy Jenney said…
Cute socks! I too tend to love the little girl stuff. I had only boys until I remarried and now I have a little girl (and 7 boys).