Flushable Diapers? What...?

Okay, so I have to admit these diapers caught my attention. Not because I have some hippy love vibe to save the planet but because I really hate diaper pails - alot. I have two in diapers right now so the smells that come out of one of those is at the very least, scary. So, when I came across these flushable diapers I had to learn more about it. They are called G Diapers. These are cloth covers that act like underwear, with a liner and flushable inserts. Basically when your little one does the deed you only have to remove the insert and swish it around with their "swish stick" in the toilet and then flush. Replace the liner and voila no stinky diaper and if anything gets on the cloth or the insert then you can wash them. I have to say I have been against cloth diapers in the past purely because of my own selfish EEEWWW reasons but after watching the video it really doesn't seem that bad to go this way instead of my old disposable stand by. The cute little cloth pants run you about $19 each and the snap in liner run $5 for two. The flushable refills depending on the size go anywhere from $15-$52 depending on how much you need to get. In my opinion this is a great option but still a little pricey for me. Please let me know if you have tried these and what you think. I have included a link to the G Diaper site so you check out the flushing video tutorial for yourself.