If you have any puzzle pieces this is for you!

Okay so Christmas is coming up and I got this idea from my son's preschool for this cute craft. This is a really cute wreath that you can make any size that you want, either a small ornament or a wall decoration. Plus it will be a great gift to give to Grandma and Grandpa that they will treasure for years to come.

Here is what you will need: Recycled Puzzle Pieces (if you dont have any lying around you can buy some at a thrift store or even the dollar store), Green Spray Paint, Red Paint, Craft glue and a Ribbon for hanging

Start by laying out your puzzle pieces on some newspaper. Spray paint them with a thin layer of green spray paint. Apply a few light coats till the pieces are well covered. Lay the pieces over the top of each other to form the wreath. Glueing each piece as you go. To make a bigger wreath lay the pieces 2-3 pieces wide. Using the red paint place drops of red paint onto each piece to represent holly berries. Glue on a ribbon bow and a small thin cord for hanging. Use some glitter to line the edges for a extra festive feel.

My son's preschool adapted this idea and made it a little easier by using a paper plate and cut out the middle. Then they glued the painted puzzle pieces on the plate edge in layers and just put a bow in the center. It was super cute for a 4 year old and I loved it when I saw it. I hope others will love this idea just like I did.


H.E.Eigler said…
Just came by from MBC - what a great idea for an easy craft!!