What every new mom needs!

Every new mom, in my opinion, should have a Bebe Au Lait Hooter Hider. This is a necessity if you plan on nursing your baby or if you need to pump but are concerned about your privacy. Basically it is thin fabric adorned with a strap to wear around it around your neck, apron style. I wish that I had one of these with my first two children. I never mastered the receiving blanket technique because my kids always wanted to pull it down, and I was terrified of flashing my boobs in public. Now I have no fear about nursing or pumping because I know that my boobs will stay hidden from the public eye. Here is a link to the Bebe Au Lait site. Each Hooter Hider (love the name by the way) is about $40. Money well spent in my opinion. If you are not looking to spend this much you can always check CraigsList for a used one or even Ebay. One of my top finds with baby number three for sure!