Felt - Not so tacky after all

So for many years I have given felt a bad wrap. I just thought that it wasn't very useful for anything unless you were in preschool and learning to glue. However, recently I have since changed my mind and have decided to give felt a chance. Mostly because I have discovered the art of felt food. I came across this brilliant idea only a couple of weeks ago even though I know that it has been around for ages. I guess I just did not realize that it could be so cute! I wish that I had some mad skills and could create felt food on my own but I think that I would be stuck with making a lot of cherries - only cause they seem easy, I have never actually tried to make one. Anyways, my feature find is yet another cool Etsy shop, Bug Bites Play Food. My three faves are the Smores for $10 (probably cause I love them!), Pancakes Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Set with Strawberry for $25 and the Orchard Fruit set for $42.