Goodbye Ebay Hello Mommy Auctions!

Like everyone else I have a ton of baby clothes and gifts that I have received and I have been struggling with what to do to get rid of them. I have thought about Ebay but the whole process seems too complex and then there is Craigslist but then you have to arrange a place to meet sometimes you are not even sure if anyone is reading your post. Then I found Mommy Auctions. This is a site for moms to buy and sell strictly baby and mom stuff. There is no charge to list an item or to even start your own store if you have niche item that you like to sell in particular. The fee you will pay is 5% of whatever you sell. Of course you do have the option to pay little extra if you want to feature your item. If you are looking for something you can also put an ad in the wanted section for free too. One of the best things about this site I think is that if you have problems or have never tried to run an online store before there are moderating moms that can help you and answer your questions to help ensure that you have a great experience. Once I get all my stuff together that I want to sell I am definitely going to try this site out. If you have used this site before and would like to share your experience please comment. Happy Selling!


Anonymous said…
Hmmmm...I wonder how this site will be affected after the CPSIA legislation goes into full effect.
Anonymous said…
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