Help Your Little Ones Keep Track of Time

Now that Christmas is over I can get back to blogging without the impending feeling that my head will explode from all the Christmas chaos. During the holidays I seem to have horrible time management so I thought that it would be great to teach the kids so they can help me out. Just kidding- I'm pretty sure keeping me on track is their last priority. I first saw the Time Tracker by Learning Resources on Supernanny. Jo Frost had actually used it for a visual as well as an audio timeout timer, which I thought was a novel idea. Currently I just use a kitchen timer and my 5 and 3 year old wait for the bell to ring as their cue that Time Out is over. While researching this product I discovered that parents have been also using it as a visual aid for their kids to learn how to keep track of time. For the most part parents were thrilled at how this worked well to get their children to transition from one task to the next. It seemed that some parents did have issues with the programming and think that it could be a little easier use. The three colors indicate an 80/15/5 ratio of time. So while the timer is in green mode kids know that they still have plenty of time to lollygag around. When it turns to yellow they better get moving and thinking about the next task and red means that the time is going to be up really quick. I am really thinking about purchasing this timer because my kids are always finding ways to stall and I think that this timer will really help them learn to transition from one task to the next more smoothly. My 3 year old is really into things like this and I think that he will absolutely love it. It will cost you $40 if you buy it from ToysRUs but I found it on Amazon for only $25.44 plus shipping.


Anonymous said…
That is so completely fantastic! I wish I could think of brilliant inventions like this.