A New Twist on the Tooth Fairy Pillow

I have been on the lookout for a great tooth fairy pillow for my sons' for some time now. It has been a real challenge to find a pillow that is cute but manly in some way. I personally grew up with a pillow that hung on to my bed post at night with my tooth tucked safely away in the pocket. In my search I have come across this unique alternative from Danforth Pewter. It is a lead-free pewter Tooth Fairy Truck Box for $22. I kinda like this idea... The back of the truck opens up for the tooth to be placed in. They also have a tractor, star, heart or baby chick box if you don't like the overnight delivery truck. Each box has matching pewter keepsake items like plates and cups that can be purchased as well. To check out the rest of their collections click here.


Betty N said…
O, I love that one (I have six grandsons, so the "boy" one appeals to me)