Surfs Up!

Brittany from London L Surf emailed me and turned me on to her new boutique. London L Surf creates custom monogrammed surf boards for children to either use or just to hang as wall decor in their rooms. There are 30 different designs to choose from. I thought it was a really cool idea and would be a very unique and personal gift. The boards vary in different shapes and sizes and range in price from $650 - $950. One of my favorites is the Mason design shown here, but to check out any of the other awesome designs visit London L Surf.


Falco said…
If anyone has kids who are interested in breaking into the fashion industry, there’s a new online contest. You can find it at The Fashion Fantasy Game ( It’s called the Jordin Sparks Jingle Dress Contest.

This contest was designed specifically for the Christmas season. Players can design their own virtual clothes in the game and engage in some friendly competition with other players. It's much better than having your kid go to the mall and waste your money on real clothes that will be out of style by next year.

Oh, and don't forget -- The Fashion Fantasy Game isn't just a game. It's also an open forum for discussion. If you have anything to say about Governor Blagojevich, feel free to say it while chatting, or just email it to User Feedback. I'm sure his name is easier to write than to say!