Carry Your Baby in Style Without Breaking Your Bank or Your Back With La Stella Blu

All though I completely love cuddling with my little guy and carrying him with me everywhere I go, he weighs a ton and it makes my arms feel like they are about to fall off, not to mention the lower back pain. The bigger he gets he seems to be wanting me more and more. All day I feel like it is a balancing act to carry him around, keep an eye out for my other munchkins underfoot, all while maneuvering the mine field of toys strewn about my familyroom and kitchen. I do have a Baby Bjorn that I have had since my first guy was a wee one but the bigger the kiddos get the more cumbersome it feels. I always saw different carriers and wraps but I didn't really know how they worked and if it would be good option for me. Alas I have discovered La Stella Blu. La Stella Blu carries simply the best options for selecting and purchasing a baby carrier. There are several different styles to choose from and all of them use high quality, beautiful fabrics. I for one want to find a way to carry my baby without looking like an 80's throwback. All the styles are chic and elegant, sure to please any savvy mom with style. These carriers can carry babies from newborn to toddler, a great investment for the longevity of the product. I have narrowed my choices to my two favorites that I have featured above: Moby Wrap and a Reversable Hotsling. I feel that both of these slings would solve my dilemma and do it in style. They are very reasonably priced the Moby Wrap in Moss at $39.95 and the Reversable Hotsling at $54. Did I mention that both of these carriers ship for free! I love both of these options so much that I am having a difficult time deciding which one to get. I have to admit that I was definitely unsure about how I felt about the whole wrap idea until I read the easy to read and understand instructions for use that are provided on the info page. After going through the tutorials I am confident that I won't have any problems using either one of these carriers to hold my big guy securely and comfortably. There is also a tab on the La Stella Blu site called Baby Wearing Basics which I found extremely helpful. Here I was able to learn everything that I needed to know about different types of carriers, babywearing benefits and the wearing instructions for each of the carriers that La Stella Blu offers. I think that this is the most well thought out, informative and overall satisfaction guaranteed baby carrier site available. If you are looking to purchase a baby carrier please check out La Stella Blu and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Cascia said…
They look like cool carriers. Thank you for sharing!