momAgenda-The Coolest Day Planners for Moms

I love my All in One Folio from momAgenda! It organizes everything for me. I keep things for my kids, my blog and my business all in one place. It is has been so great for keeping things straight between juggling all three jobs that monopolize my life. The All in One is a calendar, folio, notepad and pen all in one! The monthly calendar has spaces for mom and up to four kids plus room to write quick notes. The folio section has 48 pages with 24 interchangeable tabs made up of heavy duty clear plastic page protectors that you can store class lists, menu plans, schedules and more! I think that one of the coolest features is that you can customize your folio to fit your family's needs by printing out downloadable forms from their site to put into your folio. Some examples are: Important Numbers, Family Medical Info, Websites and Passwords, Birthdays and Anniversaries and much more. You can also download previews to print out and see if you like the format. Not only is it pretty but for only $5 more you can have it personalized. Which is what I decided to do.
My other favorite thing that I had to talk about that they offer is a momAgenda Chore Pad for your children. I think that it is such great idea! I have tried the white board method and it just never sticks. This chart is easy to read and covers one week for up to five kids (or 4 kids and a hubby- lol), and has 50 sheets all for $16.95. You can find these great planners in every state, but if you are like me and you don't like to drive very far just to go buy a planner you can order online directly from momAgenda.

momAgenda carries several options for busy women on the go.  The planner aren't designed just for moms anymore!  Now everyone from brides to businesswomen can have their life organized in one of their many stylish, functional and chic day planners.


Tess said…
I've seen this product before and wanted to review it. Looks like such a great way to organize your day!