Attention Ladies! Get a $500 Grant towards starting your own business

To all of those women out there that are dreaming of starting up their own business this is for you! Many of you may not know but I am one of these women. As a matter of fact I just turned in all of my applications and fees for my own business which I will be starting up officially in April 2009. Through my internet travels I have come across, an entrepeneurial community for women, and discovered the Amber Grant. This grant began in 1998 in conjunction with to honor the memory of a young woman that died in 1981 at the age of 19. The purpose of the Amber Grant is to help other women achieve the dreams that Amber could not in her short time here. The Amber Grant is designed specifically focus on women trying to start small businesses, homebased or online. All though the grants are small, usually only $500 - $1000, they often are able to cover some of the initial and essential expenses that make the difference in getting started or being stalled. This grant is privately funded and the hope is that the receiver of the grant will pass on the kindness by helping others along the way.

How to Apply
You must complete and submit the application form by February 28, 2009. The winner of the Grant will be announced on March 31, 2009.

Please use this link to complete your application form. This Grant period they are graciously giving $500 not only to winner of the grant but also an additional $500 to the person that referred the winner.

I don't know about you but I know that I could definitely benefit from $500 towards my business. I obviously applied for this amazing opportunity and I hope that you will do the same! Good luck to you on all of your business ventures.