I got a Life Is Grand Award!

Jennifer, from It's a Beauty Filled Life was nice enough to give this award to me. Please check out her blog, you will enjoy it. I am so happy cause I never get anything like this. So now I need to blog about five reasons that my life is grand and then pass it on to five more people. So here goes nothing...

1. My three silly and smiling boys always keep me on my toes. Oscar, Benji and Emilio keep me smiling more and more every day, even when they are driving me nuts to the point where I want to jump off a cliff, I cant help but laugh at their completely little kid outlook on life.

2. My husband, he also drives me to the point of insanity (only cause he's old enough to know better) but I still find him totally hilarious and charming. Every day I can't wait until he comes home. He is my soulmate and my rock. When the world is falling apart he helps pick up the pieces. I am lucky.

3. My business is finally starting to get all set up! I just got my licenses and everything I need to be legit. Soon my website will be up and running and I will be good to go. I seriously can't wait to get it all together. I can finally truly say that I own my own business. Yay!

4. My tax return and my hubby's bonus came! I can now finally pay off all those pesky leftover hospital bills from having sweet Emilio. Not to mention all my trips to the ER and the pediatrician with him!

5. And lastly, Life is Grand because I have a great mother-in-law. I know, sounds wierd, but she sometimes will make dinner at her house and drive 45 minutes one way just to drop it off to me, then turn around and drive 45 minutes to get home, all so I don't have to cook dinner. Not to mention my hubby loves his mom's authentic El Salvadoran cooking. Me being little miss white lady can't make that stuff if I tried. I almost have pico di gallo, almost...

So, now since I have shard why Life is Grand I will now pass it on to five others, they are:

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