It's Official - I'm Addicted. Just ask Felicia from Blog Designs Free

Blog Designs Free

So some of you may have noticed that I have done a redesign of my blog in the last couple of days. I am pretty much constantly looking for ways to improve my blog, things to blog about and just reading and commenting on as many blogs as possible. I started this as a small side habit and it has turned into an all out addiction. I can't help or stop myself from going into my blog or other blogs constantly throughout the day.

It was this obsession that has sparked my want, or should I say need, for a redesign. When I started my blog I literally knew absolutely nothing and changing the html scared the poop out of me. I taught myself all about what buttons and widgets were. It was a ton of reading mumbo jumbo but well worth it. I am still a novice but a slightly more informed one. I am always on the lookout for cool things to add to my blog and when I was reading one of my faves Jolly Mom, I came across a button that said Blog Designs Free. Well that perked me right up! I clicked on the link to discover a really awesome tutorial site that explained cool ways to improve my blog. This blog is owned by Felicia, who some may also know her from Go Graham Go, her review blog.

Well there was a "contact me" form on her site and so I asked her how I could make my blog wider because I never really like how small it was. I thought that I was lucky to have figured out on my own how to change it to a three column and to mess with it on my own was just asking for a complete site meltdown. To my surprise she emailed me soon after I contacted her. She also told me that my blog was messed up in more ways than one, which I kind of knew and had been told but didn't understand what people were saying. Well to make a long story short after a few emails back and forth this kind woman helped me realize what I did wrong and helped me fix it up to look the way that I wanted it to. I was so thankful!

Then the very next day she told me that she had a present for me and she emailed me a custom header that she had created just for little old me! It is perfect! I seriously could not have designed one better if I tried. It was like we shared a brain, I swear. Then while I am figuring out how to put it up she sent me another gift, a button and the code to grab it to match! I immediately knew that this lady was my new best bloggy friend. I could seriously not believe how kind she was and how much time she took to help me out, not to mention the gifts she made for me! She saved me so much time and frustration! I mean just to write this post I have been interupted about 6, make that 10, times and had to convert to typing with one hand so I don't neglect the kids too much! So you can see why learning tricky html tips is hard for me.

I still have a couple more things that I want to add to my blog before I will feel it is complete but I feel so lucky to have found a new friend that can help dumb down the instructions for me. So please go check out her two blogs, Blog Designs Free and Go Graham Go! and give Felicia some bloggy love because she deserves it.


Bunny B said…
Great look! Lovely header and super cute button too!! :)
blueviolet said…
Felicia is such a sweetie and I love her and her blog. Yours is looking terrific, by the way!
Sandy Jenney said…
I love her too!! Your blog looks great.
I gave you the Kreativ blogger award...go to my blog to pick it up.
Felicia said…
This is the sweetest post I have ever read!! You are so kind!! I am about to cry!

Thank you so much!! I'm just so glad you like your header and button!!
Insanity Kim said…
You blog looks lovely! Thanks for the info!