Not me Monday

Well, this is my first Not Me Monday post - here goes nothing!

I finally got a great new camera and I did not take sooo many cute pics of my baby. I also learned not how to load them on my computer.

I get a much deserved day off with my hubby and the kids and we did not spend the whole day running errands! I did not go out and spend $300 on much needed stuff for the house- and me!

My much awaited Momagenda Folio finally came last week and I did not spend so much time blogging and doing other stuff instead of filling it all out and finally getting organized.

I did not want to jump for joy and give my hubby a great big smooch when I saw that while I was gone all day on Sunday he cleaned and organized our garage! This is so not important to me for getting some space to completely organize my business.

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A day off without kids sounds great, especially shopping! Congrats on the new camera!
blueviolet said…
Your hubby is amazing for having done that! I would love it if it happened here but I guarantee it won't. :(
Dee said…
yeah I NEVER take thousands of pictures..that would be crazy...