Potty Training is so Much Fun! I Mean Gross!

Okay so maybe its me because I am potty training my almost 4 year old right now but does anyone else want to take a shower after going through the motions with your kid in the bathroom? I mean, eewww! Maybe its because I have all boys but man I can't stress enough to them that there are yucky germs all over the toilet, your junk and the "special seat" that they use. Independence is the key with training for my Benji right now but he still needs some help balancing when he is pulling up his pull up or his pants. I don't mind helping, I mean I love the little guy and I am so proud of him, but... does he have to touch my shoulders, cheeks and nose with his potty germ infested hands? The worst part is that he completely made the effort to touch my nose and cheeks after I made a big speech that potty germs are gross and you need to wash your hands before you touch me or anything else. For a germaphobe like me I need some kind of solution to this problem. After thinking long and hard I decided there isn't any, except buying him a cooler potty seat.

The Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer is cool cause it works for a boy or a girl and you don't have to stress with boys so much about keeping the "junk" pointed down into the toilet. I prefer not take a golden shower if at all possible, thank you very much! The reason is that it naturally goes up higher in the front instead of having a detachable pee guard. The other awesome selling feature is the rubber handle at the back of it so your kids can always grab it one place and not where any pee has fallen (hopefully). My best friend swears by this and I have tried it out at her house. I was very impressed. Today with my potty training experience I decided that I am going to buy this - tonight! The cheapest that I have found this seat online is through Baby Catalog for $24.99 as compared with Target for $32.99. If you find at least $99 worth of stuff that you want to buy from Baby Catalog the shipping is free. The Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer comes in four different color options: white with blue, black, or red trim and pink with white trim. This seat fits great on all types of toilets and is ergonomically designed.

As for me I'm off to take another shower!


Felicia said…
WE LOVE Baby Bjorn potties!!!! Graham has the one that sits on the floor and he does really well!
Kelly said…
Do they make them in adult sizes? I'm pretty sure my ex-husband could use one. He always missed, and my foot always seemed to find it during my early morning groggy state. (That was something I DEFINITELY did not miss.)
ModernMom said…
Love that I found a blog of another mommy who has issues with germs! Does not matter how much we love our babies...potty germs are gross.
Great blog!
LiLu said…
I think my "having kids" timeframe was just pushed back another couple of years... ;-)