Tuesday Toot Meme Why Blog?

Why Blog? That is a great question with a really complex answer for me. Why I like to blog now is different than why I originally started blogging. At first, blogging seemed really confusing, I had know idea what it was or why people did it. As I explored more of the blogosphere I realized that it would be a great way to connect to people to otherwise whom I would never ordinarily meet. Also, sometimes it can get kind of cumbersome without much adult interaction during the day. I found that I really enjoyed reading the blogs that I came across, getting a peek into someone else's real life drama. I hoped that I could be that interesting!

Also, blogging seemed like a really great way to tell people about my business that I was planning on starting. I wanted to be able to reach a lot of people and tell everyone about the business that I was going to start. I started blogging in November 2008. I knew that I was not going to be able to fund a lot for my business until Feb or March of 2009 so blogging gave me a way to explore other advertising opportunities and techniques. I have tried to learn as much as I can about blogging and how to make my blog look decent. I admit I still have a ton to learn but I think that I have definitely learned alot. I also plan to have a blog on my business website so this has been great for me to figure things out.

Once I started blogging I chose to share things with readers that I thought were really cool items that would buy or have bought in the past. I also wanted to share websites and activities to mix it up a bit. I had know idea that blogging would be so addicting! I love doing it and I love sharing. I have always had an issue with sharing too much of my personal life in the blog but after reading so many great blogs and noticing that my favorites are the ones that include their personal life I have changed my outlook and now have decided to add more of me into my blog posts- not to mention post a lot more often! I can talk about me all day sometimes so having myself as another post topic is easy!

So, all in all, my blog's original intent was to fill a void and learn something new until I could get my business up and running. Now that I have done that I can't imagine not blogging. I am so happy that I have gotten a chance to meet so many cool bloggers and share life stories with them. I look forward now to expanding my blog and my business.


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you on this! I started out with the intention of being a private blog and then when I went public, I wasn't going to share anything personal. But, in fact, that has turned out to be the most fun of all for me. I think when you share a bit of yourself, people connect to you and very real bloggy friendships are born. I absolutely adore all of my bloggy friends!
MommyCommunity said…
Yes - blogging is so addicting - both ways - as a reader of blogs and as an author of blogs. Thanks for joining our meme and sharing why you blog!
Jennifer said…
I still struggle with totally sharing my life with the blogging community (as far as pictures are concerned - what me and my family look like), but I agree, blogging is soooo super addictive! :-)

Love the new look!
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