Five Thing Friday #2

Its Five Thing Friday again! Time to list five facts about yourself. I hope that you will play along! Just grab the Five Thing Friday button off my left sidebar. Leave a comment and let me know if you participate so I can go check out your blog!

1. I love VH1 reality TV. I can't help myself. VH1 airs their shows all the time so its easy for me to catch again if I miss it one day.

2. I make some seriously spicy and delicious beef tacos. It has taken awhile but my recipe is now perfected. Its sooo darn good that I have thought about doing a post about it.

3. I wish I spoke spanish. I know some stuff but not enough to have a true conversation. My husband won't teach me or my kids because he's more comfortable speaking english than spanish.

4. I am a perfectionist. I try to do everything as perfect as possible. When things aren't perfect I can freak out a little bit. Just a little bit.

5. I need a pedicure really badly. I have not had one since before Emilio was born, so its going on almost a year. I refuse to show my feet in public until I get one.


Veronica Lee said…
I love beef tacos too! Too bad I don't stay near you or I'll invite myself over for lunch!
Swoozie said…
I love spicy tacos, need a pedicure AND am/was a perfectionist. I say am/was on the last one because I find it soooo hard nowadays since I'm afraid I might drive my family BATTY so I try to cool it on alot of things! There's a part of me that really really wants to set my alarm for midnight, then get up and do ALL the things I just "never had time for" during the day!
But, alas, sleep generally prevails!

Loved your list!
kristi said…
I did the Friday Five but I made it about 5 things that annoyed me this week..LOL.
Betty said…
I love tacos, that's what hubs is making this weekend:)
I can teach you spanish.
Donde esta los tacos por favor? lol

I need to freak out when things are right too.
Cascia said…
I don't think I've ever seen this meme before. Thank you for sharing more about you! Have you checked out the ultimate blog party at Five Minutes for Mom yet? It is really cool and you should take a look. I've got information about it on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!
LiLu said…
Vh1 reality tv has taken over half my life.

(The internet has taken over the other half...)
Swoozie said…
Yikes! Me again! I finally posted my Five Thing Friday meme. I'm enjoying your meme!

Have a great week-end!
I am Harriet said…
Hi there.
Today I am leaving 100 comments.
Stop by to wish me luck.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I already knew I liked you but after reading this, I totally want to hang out with you even more!!
Quiskaeya said…
Ooooo I love tacos!!! YOu should post your recipe. I haven't had a pedicure in so long I'm ashamed to say when. Ugh.

I wish I could speak spanish too. Living in South Florida it would be very useful.