Five Thing Friday #3

Time for another installment of Five Thing Friday! Just a little more info about me by listing five things about my everyday life. Please grab my button for Five Thing Friday and play along! Leave me a comment so I can check your five things out!

1. I love watching Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler. I love the round table and some of the comedians she has on are hilarious. Its my wind down show I watch right before bed.

2. My son is learning to read right now. A little challenging on both our ends. He gets frustrated super easily and I get frustrated that he gets so frustrated. Its a viscious cycle.

3. I have been working really hard at getting my business together lately. The website should be up and running hopefully by the end of April. My web designer is giving me a headache right now with all her issues. Yay...

4. Little Emilio has finally emerged with a tooth! I have been patiently waiting the arrival of his first tooth. Now that he is just about nine months old, it finally has come through!

5. I am so excited to visit with an old friend today! We are going to have lunch and chat. So awesome cause we really only talk a few times a year.


ModernMom said…
Nothing better then old friends!
Anonymous said…
So I feel a little silly saying this but I have taught first, second, and third grade and your #2 intrigued me. Make the reading thing fun and when it gets frustrating for you or him take a break. Read so many different varieties of books that he find a type he justs can't resist. Good luck!