Five Thing Friday!


I decided to start my own meme. I know its a little late in the day, but that's how I roll. The basis behind Five Thing Friday is that I really enjoy learning about everyone through the blogs that I read. I think that the more I get to know you all the more I have in common with you and therefore it makes me want to read your blog more. My hope is that others will play along and let me read a little more about them. Its easy to play along so please do and leave a comment for me if you did. I will definitely visit your blog and check it out.

Just list Five Things about yourself or whatever in your life that people might not know about you. That's it! Here are my Five Things:

1. I have been married for 6.5 years.

2. I met my hubby in high school but he was a "G Wanna Be" and he had a girlfriend at the time so I kept him in the friend zone.

3. I love, love, love mexican food or pretty much any spanish dish.

4. I am a SAHM/WAHM during the week but on the weekends I work. It comes out to about six days a month in total. I know, weird, I have a life outside my home.

5. I work at a high end car dealership. Since I was sixteen I have worked in the car business. Need any tips on buying a car? I can help.

Well, there's my Five Thing Friday. I hope at least one person will join in on my fun and share Five Things with me!


LiLu said…
If I ever need a car again, I know who I'm calling! ;-)
kristi said…
I'll go do this now!
Veronica Lee said…
I love your meme. Memes come in handy when I'm blocked for stuff to post about. Thanks for starting it.
Jessica said…
Always interesting learning about others. Fun thing to do.
Swoozie said…
I like your meme! I'll do it too next Friday!