The Hubby, if he were a paid sitter - he' d be fired!

Ordinarily my hubby is a really funny, charming, hot guy and all around great dad. When the man is tired, which is everyday, he can be harder to deal with than the kids. Let me set up the scene and share last nights babysitting debocle.

Hubs normally leaves for work at about 6 am and then does not return home until anywhere between 7-9 pm, usually 8pm though. Last night was no exception. I had all these grand plans that I was going to have dinner all ready to go, eat quickly and leave to run a few errands for myself. Which I knew was borderline impossible considering everything I wanted to do pretty much closed at 9 anyways, but I was determined to try.

After all is said and done I finally leave at around 8:40, just enough time to run one of my errands. I go, take care of my stuff, come back about 35-40 minutes later and remember why I stopped taking these small trips in the evening.

I didn't want to dig around the bottom of my purse to find my keys so I rang the doorbell. The doorbell should be a sure indication of my arrival home, so if in fact my husband is sleeping on the couch that should be his warning to sit up and play like he was paying attention the entire time I was gone. This was not the case.

While waiting at the door I could see inside through the window to the right. I look in anxiously waiting for someone to come to the door. To my surprise little Benji comes running, COMPLETELY NAKED, yelling "Mommy's home!". He opens the door for me, my mouth agape, with a look of just complete joy. Mind you he has only been potty trained for a couple of weeks, he is jumping and running around telling me how he was going to go potty but some got in his underwear so when he was done on the pot he decided to strip. Why he took his shirt off, I'm not really sure that I want to know the answer to that one. So naturally I tell him to get some clothes on and more importantly WASH HIS HANDS!

So, you would think that at any point during this display of nudity that my hubby would show up. Nope. So I ask, "what is your Daddy doing?" to which both boys reply "sleeping!" He was sleeping on the couch, with the baby just sitting next to him and my oldest son captivated by TV watching Ben 10. So I obviously see whats going on and our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Are you even watching the kids?
Him: Yes! I was not sleeping!
Little Oscar pipes in: Yes he was.
Me: Would you like to explain to me why Benji is running around everywhere naked?
Him: What!

Anyways, long story short, if he was a babysitter he would be fired. This is why I can't leave the house unless my hubs is well rested. Even though I have not had a solid nights sleep in almost a year this crap never happens to me!


Betty said…
lol! Oh my goodness thank you so much for the laugh. My husband has done this to me a too. Great guy and dad like you said but when they are tired they are tired. lol!
Cascia said…
I totally understand what you are going through. About a year and a half ago when we still lived in Wisconsin my husband had a job where he worked long hours just like yours. He was never home and when he was home he was dead tired. I had a newborn, a 1 and 18 month old, and a 10 year old at the time. I was also suffering from post partum depression from having two babies in two years. It was hard and I never, ever got out of the house. I couldn't even hold a conversation with my husband when he came home from work. And like you I wasn't sleeping much either. I wish I had an answer for you. Our situation did not improve until my husband lost his job and started working somewhere else where he had less hours. I hope this doesn't happen again and you are able to have your evening away! You deserve it.
ModernMom said…
Love it! My hubby is also fab, but is also one of the best power nappers of all time. Men just watch children differently then we do! Great post!
Veronica Lee said…
LOL, the moral of the post is never ask a tired or hungry man to babysit.
LiLu said…
Hmmm. Sounds like he needs some sort of rewards system... or maybe punishment!