Not Me Monday #3

My hubby had to go back to work this week, his vacation is over, I am not missing him all ready. I am also not happy to have "my space" back again!

I have not had to spend the last three days cleaning up nighttime potty accidents.

I am so completely happy because my brother and his family did not come over and spend Sunday with our family. Also, my awesome brother did not fix my extremely annoying printer problems I have been having while he was visiting.

I have not had to battle a little bit of a head cold the last couple of days.

My son said he was sick this morning so I did not let him stay home from school, only to discover that he was probably faking it.

It is not snowing outside right now!

To play along go visit the rules here at My Charming Kids


Mighty M said…
Faking it!? Oh no!! I will someday have to deal with that too I think! Happy Monday!!
Felicia said…
OH no! I hope everyone is feeling better very soon!! Thank you for that link! There were some good ideas!

Imagination Movers huh? I'll have to think about that one.
LiLu said…
Snowing?? Crazytalk! It's so nice here... I'm sending you some e-sunshine!
Wayne said…
great not me mondays. I hope you feel better from your head cold soon
Anonymous said…
I hope everyone feels better really soon! I'm sure it's kinda nice to have some alone time now though. ;)
Veronica Lee said…
That's NOT a great 'Not me Monday!'