Totally Talented Tuesday

This meme was started by Dee at Two of Kind Working on a Fullhouse. To learn about the rules and read about others playing along with this fun meme go check her blog out. Okay, this is my first time doing Totally Talented Tuesday, so here goes!

I know that my entire subject matter lately has been about the toilet but anyone that has ever had to deal with potty training - especially boys - knows that what is going in (or sometimes not in) the toilet is a major concern that consumes daily life. You alter your schedule, routines and trips anywhere just to continue with the ongoing progress.

So, naturally my Totally Talented Tuesday will involve Benji successfully completing his first whole day weariing undies! He was a little upset at first but we were able to meet in the middle when he discoverd the Lightning McQueen pair. He only had one #2 accident but all in all pretty good because there were absoulutely no potty accidents! He even stayed dry all night and went potty in the toilet this morning! I am so proud.

Now on to my second talent: Little Oscar is learning to read! He has some site words that he has learned but he read eight different short paragraphs to me. Nearly perfect. I was super impressed. It is so exciting seeing your children accomplish huge milestones. I can't wait to see what else he will come up with next!


Dee said…
Thats fantastic!!!

Thank you for playing along today! :)
Jessica said…
Good luck with that Potty training. Sounds like things are going pretty well. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
Cascia said…
Yeah! Congratulations on your big boy!
LiLu said…
My friends are potty training their cat.

It's been such an ordeal, it's put me off having kids for a while...

Best of luck! :-)
Anonymous said…
That is so wonderful!!! I remember my kids read those Bob books to me when they started reading and I was melting at the cuteness.

Your little guy is adorable!!!