Two Ways to Find the Best Internet Deals

I love to find a great deal, I mean who doesn't right? Especially if I am buying something online I look for the absolute best deal because I hate paying for shipping. It is a neccessary evil of finding great stuff online. I feel that if I can score a great coupon that may severely reduce or cancel out the shipping than I have done my job as a savvy internet shopper. I have recently discovered a couple of ways to get some great deals on stuff that I thought I would share with all of you.

The first one is Beat My Price. I received an email the other day from Naomi at This is what she had to say:

I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to alert you to a helpful resource that your readers (and you) might find useful.

People often remember to look for coupons, but then forget that with an extra few seconds, they can do a price comparison search to be sure they truly are getting the best deal. is a revolutionary new price comparison site from the creators of It works differently because every search helps the site to grow, so the more people use it, the bigger it gets. Second, it incorporates RetailMeNot coupons into the results, offering deeper discounts.

Again, thought you might want to pass it along to your readers, if not, definitely check it out for yourself. If you have any questions about how the site works, here’s a link to a video tutorial. Feel free to call or email if you have any additional questions.


Naomi Evarts for

I did go check it out and it is pretty cool. You do have to know exactly what you are looking for, I chose a Wii Fit (cause I really want one), it pulled up all the options and showed which ones had coupons for shipping or discounts. I definitely think that this site is going to take off big. It is simple to use and so great that it matches coupon deals with the searches. A big time saver!

The other one I have been testing out is Swagbucks. This is a search engine that you can earn digital dollars called "Swagbucks" to redeem in the Swag Store foe exclusive products.

How it works:

First you have to install the Swagbucks toolbar.

Then you start searching. You will recieve results from Google and

Earn Swagbucks. It is super easy. I have been using this search engine as test for only one week. I have earned 15 Swagbucks all ready. Basically the more you search the more you earn. You can earn Swagbucks for doing more than just searching but I'm pretty lazy so I'll stick with the searching for now.

When you have earned enough Swagbucks just visit the Swag Store to redeem.

Now I definitely think that Google itself is a better search engine, Swagbucks isn't that bad. It has become my primary search engine. I figure if I am going to be searching the web that at least I can earn something for doing it. They do have a lot of smaller prizes like iTunes downloads but I would rather hold out for the best stuff from the Swag Store which does require a lot of Swagbucks, but I figure by Christmas I will have enough to get myself something nice!

Let me know what you think of these sites or if you have all ready tried them and have an opinion I would love to hear it.


Felicia said…
Thanks for explaining SwagBucks! I was just asking someone about this the other day!
Jodi said…
I've been searching on swagbucks atleast once a day and I feel like I'm earning very slowly, but i'm earning right! And that's the important thing I guess. I might try some of the other ways to earn, but I haven't really looked into it yet.

Thanks for the info about I definitely think that might come in handy for holiday shopping.
Jennifer said…
I had not even heard of these places, thanks!
Kelly said…
I'm a big fan of Swagbucks. I've been using it for a month and already earned $15 worth of Amazon gift cards. I'm hoping to save them up and get my super expensive but super desired food dehydrator.
Swoozie said…
Wow! Thanks for the insight into these places. I'll have to run over there and take a look!

You rock!
Grace said…
Hi! I love reading your blog! I just tried to blog again recently and your blog inspires me more now. Please do drop by if you have time:

have a great day always!
Wayne said…
thankyou so much for visiting my blog and your kind comment please stop by anytime
Lorijoz said…
Thanks for the info. I have heard about swagbucks but maybe will give it a try. A great way to earn cash while shopping is through . Not sure if you have featured that before. I have earned back over $90 just by shopping ebay and my favorite stores.