Five Thing Friday #5

Its Five Thing Friday time again! This is where I like to share five random things about myself or my crazy life with all of you! Hopefully you will get to know me a little bit better. I invite you to play along and share five random things about yourself with me. Just grab the button on my side bar or copy the image from above. Make sure to leave a comment if you play along so that I can go and check out your post!

1. I hate vinegar. I think it smells nasty. However, I do like Italian salad dressing. Go figure!

2. I have had the same netflix movie by my DVD player for the last three months. I keep meaning to watch it but I never seem to find the time. I guess I am too busy watching my favorite VH1 shows. In case your wondering, it is Definitely Maybe. Anyone seen it?

3. I love getting my hair done! I know, who doesn't right? I am so lucky that one of my closest friends is one of those high charging hairstylists. She normally charges $150 or more for a cut, partial foil and style. I only pay whatever I can. Sometimes I dont pay her at all and just help her out with her personal stuff, which I would do anyways. I dont get the salon treatment though because it is usually done at my BF's house. So I have to wash my own hair, but whatever, the end result is still awesome! Plus she knows if its not awesome, I'll kill her.

4. Little Benji has some developmental issues. He needs speech therapy a few times a week. He also is a little awkward socially. He just doesn't pick up on social cues like everyone else does. He is kind of the person that gets into your personal bubble if you know what I mean. He goes to a developmental preschool to help him with these issues. Its awesome for him and for me because its State funded and inside the same school that Oscar goes to. It is so nice to not have to worry about paying for Preschool.

5. I actally tasted some baby food the other day for the first time. I know it sounds weird considering that I have three kids but I think that it looks gross. It actually didn't taste that bad. I probably won't try it again just because I still think that it looks pretty gross. I know that it is just pureed food but I would have a hard time eating it even it was whole.

That wraps up my Five Thing Friday! To check out past Five Thing Fridays click here.


ModernMom said…
HA! Can't believe you had never tried baby food before! I would have thought with three little ones one of those little monkeys would have splashed you or manged to get a baby food covered fist stuck to your lips at least once in all those years. Once again. Great list!
Leane said…
I just posted my very first 5 thing friday!
It was fun! Here I am:
Swoozie said…
Hmmm, Yeah, baby food! Back in high school, my girlfriends and I went on a crazy Baby Food Only Diet that we concocted up. We went 8 days straight eating just the minimal amount of baby food and that was all! Sure, we each lost like 12 pounds but, looking back, it sounds like an eating disorder just waiting to happen! I remember espeecially enjoying the pureed carrots! Blech!
I am so jealous of your hairstyling friend! She sounds great!

Great list!
Veronica Lee said…
Hi Kimberly! Grab the Queen of Blogs award from my blog.
ModernMom said…
Hey! I tagged you in my blog today! C'mon over and take a look!
Anonymous said…
You are the most interesting person! Why do you make me WANT to try baby food now though? I never wanted to before so thanks for that.