Five Thing Friday #7

Its Five Thing Friday time again! This is where I like to share five random things about myself or my crazy life with all of you! Hopefully you will get to know me a little bit better. I invite you to play along and share five random things about yourself with me. Just grab the button on my side bar or copy the image from above. Make sure to leave a comment if you play along so that I can go and check out your post!

1. Oscar gave me the hardest time getting dressed this morning. He insisted that I find him a pair of pants or shorts to wear that did not have seams in them. When I told him that his request was completely ridiculous, he preceeded to scream and cry in my face for twenty minutes about how he wasn't going to school because he didn't have anything to wear. Sheesh! What a great morning start!

2. I keep trying to find the time to get my products up on my website, but intstead I am coming up with new products. I would love to be able focus on one thing and not be so scatterbrained about my creative process. I guess that's just not me.

3. I think that I am making cheeseburgers for dinner tonight. That sounds delicious!

4. I sleep only about 4-6 hours per night. Most every night I am interrupted at least evey two or three hours by Emilio. My eyes are starting to look problematic.

5. Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream. I love the nut, marshmellow combo. Mmm. Mmm. Good!

That wraps up my Five Thing Friday! To learn more about little old me you can check out my past Five Thing Friday's.


tracy said…
Oh no thats priceless... clothes without seams! kids...

wait that was you're kid and not your husband, right?

just kidding!