Mineral Secrets Review

I don't know about you but I am definitely one of those chicks that won't leave the house without any makeup on. I am just too embarrased to show my face without it. I used to even get all dolled up just to walk my son to the bus stop in the morning. That was until I came to my senses and decided it just wasn't worth the time and energy to get makeup on just to stand at the bus stop with two maybe three other moms that aren't wearing any makeup either. Aside from this one exception, I always wear makeup. With that being said, my very favorite - can't live without makeup is a mineral makeup.

I love mineral makeup! You can put it on in so many different ways. You can blend until you achieve the exact look that you are going for. You can even add water to it to change the consistency and application of it. I love mineral makeup because it is a multi-tasking product, and I am a multi-tasking momma. I was thrilled when Mineral Secrets contacted me and asked me to review their Multi Task Mineral Starter Kit.

The Multi Task Mineral Starter Kit came with two trial sized options from the Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Foundation collection, in the shades of Sugar Cookie and Sand. Also included was a trial sized Ultra Sensitive Multi Task eye shadow, in Sunset. This not what I would call a complete intro to mineral makeup but it does work as dabbler. What I mean is that with this set you could not expect to complete your whole face but you can get an idea of how Mineral Secrets works and if you like the feel of it. Plus it also comes with a great Mini Kabuki brush. I love this Kabuki brush, it does not shed like the one I normally use does. For an idea of what to choose to complete your face, not including your eyes, I would go with the 6 Piece Starter Kit at $55.95 for the full effect or the 4 Piece Mineral Starter Kit at $39.95 for the basics.

The Ultra Sensitive Multi Task came in with Sunset as the color option. I really like this soft pink color. When they say multi-task they mean it! I tried it in several ways. The first was as an eye shadow. I did not like it as a stand alone shadow because with my skin tone it just seemed to redish. I did try it mixed with one of my other crushed mineral eye shadows and it blended great. I then tried wetting a lip brush and dipping it into the jar. I applied the minerals directly to my lips. When it was dry a minute later I put on a nice clear gloss. I really liked this idea and how it stayed well on my lips. I never would have thought to use the makeup that way but it really worked! I also tried it as a blush. For me it was hard to tell because I have naturally rosy cheeks and I didn't want to apply too much. It would probably work great for someone with a lighter skin tone than I have. The last thing that I did with the Ultra Sensitive Multi Task was to dip my clear nail polish brush into the jar and apply it to my toes! I loved this idea! I put a nice coat of the polish/mineral combo and it looked great! You can adjust how bright or how muted you want it to come out by adding a little or a lot to the brush.

At the end of the day the makeup held up really well. I was impressed with how it felt and its overall appearance. It was a pretty close match to my skin tone and worked well with my skin. There were no crease lines either, which is always a plus! Mineral Secrets works great with all skin types and is completely free of perfumes, parabens, fillers, dyes, and is never tested on animals.

All in all I think that if you are looking to try out mineral makeup Mineral Secrets is a great option. They have a lot of reasonably priced packages to choose from so you are not spending a ton of money. It does take a bit of time to get used to using mineral makeup but once you get used to it you will be hooked! I will never use anything else. I love all the great brushes for maximum application results too. These brushes are very reasonably priced in comparison to what I have been using.

Not to mention the Mineral Secrets website is easy to check out even if you are not familiar with the makeup. The categories are all on the left side and each has a drop down menu for even easier searching. Once you click on an item you are taken to its page where in the center you will find a description of the product, ingredients and instructions for use. Also on the lower left there are reccomendations for other products on the site that compliment what you are looking at. Did I also mention that if you are a little confused about which tones to pick or what would work best for your skin you have the option to call a toll free number and speak with a licensed esthetician? How fantastic! It is nice to know that if you buy something new and you have never tried it before that Mineral Secrets provides its customers with tons of tools to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Especially with mineral makeup understanding the application is the key.

If you are interested in trying mineral makeup and want to give Mineral Secrets a try go check them out today!


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Haylee said…
This stuff looks great. I especially love that they contain no dyes, perfumes and don't test on animals!! I'm ordering some right now. :)
Betty N said…
I haven't looked into any new make up for quite some time but this does look like one that might work for me. I am glad it has no perfumes...my husband and I are sooo allergic to perfumes. And I am glad that they are among the few that DO NOT test on animals.