Five Thing Friday #10

Pretty Pink Momma

Its Five Thing Friday time again! This is where I like to share five random things about myself or my crazy life with all of you! Hopefully you will get to know me a little bit better. I invite you to play along and share five random things about yourself with me. Just grab the button on my side bar or copy the image from above. Make sure to leave a comment if you play along so that I can go and check out your post!

1. I made some super delicious banana bread on Wednesday. No surprise that it is completely gone by today.

2. I really want to get a dog again. Ever since our family dog, Chewy, died unexpectedly a couple of years ago Little Oscar has been buggin' for one. I want one too but its just not the right time yet. For some reason though I have my heart set on a female yellow lab. Does anyone have any experience with labs?

3. I can't wait until Monday! The Hubs and I work opposing schedules so when there is a holiday its the only time that we can all be together and have a fun family day. Hopefully once my business takes off I can quit my weekend job and finally enjoy Sundays once again.

4. I just finished watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I was totally shocked by the nudity in the first few scenes of the movie. I was laughing my ass off at my husband because he was shocked too. He was horrified that he didn't have time to look away before another man's junk was flashed repeatedly on the TV. I loved it. In movies you see naked chicks all the time, its so rare when there is naked dude.

5. I got a Wii Fit this week. I was not loving my Mii character after the weigh in. Its bad enough I see it in a mirror in real life, I don't need a reminder in a video game. Thankfully when your working out it changes back to the normal Mii. That's a little bit more motivational for me.

That wraps up my Five Thing Friday! To learn more about little old me you can check out my past Five Thing Friday's.


Jennifer said…
LOL! My husband hates that movie because it forced him to look at that guy's frontal so many times!