Five Thing Friday #8

Its Five Thing Friday time again! This is where I like to share five random things about myself or my crazy life with all of you! Hopefully you will get to know me a little bit better. I invite you to play along and share five random things about yourself with me. Just grab the button on my side bar or copy the image from above. Make sure to leave a comment if you play along so that I can go and check out your post!

1. I have a had a great morning this morning, hectic, but great! The Hubs and I went to see Benji's VIP (Very Important Preschooler) presentation. It was sooo cute! He had a poster that we helped him fill out about his favorite things and pictures of himself and his family on it. He was so shy presenting it with the teacher, he spoke very quietly. The most hilarious part of his poster is the question asking what his favorite thing about school is. His answer - eating cupcakes when someone has a birthday! A. dor. able.

2. When I got back home then my great morning turned into poop. I finally made the time to check my emails only to discover that someone had hacked into my paypal account last night and authorized $300 worth of charges. Talking with the paypal people is kind of a nightmare but I hope that I will get all my money back into my account within 10 days. So, so sucky!

3. I have been pretty lazy for me this week. I actually have been watching some TV that I want to watch while the boys are at school. I should be doing something productive but I really wanted to just take a break.

4. I can't wait to see the new Star Trek movie. I am a total Trekkie at heart and I have watched the all the different Star Trek spinoffs and movies.

5. I just decided to get a digital cable box in my room. I am so excited! I love the added menu features plus I will get access to the HBO and Starz channels too that I was only able to have access to in the family room. I know, I got problems, I am a TV junkie.

That wraps up my Five Thing Friday! To learn more about little old me you can check out my past Five Thing Friday's.


Cascia said…
So sorry to hear about your paypal account. That would stink!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!
Betty said…
It's good to be lazy sometimes. :)
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Jennifer said…
Yikes! I hope you get your money back, too!

At any rate, I hope it doesn't put a damper on your Mother's Day! I hope you're having a great one!