Five Thing Friday!

Pretty Pink Momma

Its time for Five Thing Friday! This is my opportunity to share some of the bits and peices about me or anything going on in my crazy life so you can get to know me a little bit better. I would love for you to join me in the fun so I can learn more about you! Just grab the Five Thing Friday button on the right sidebar and post a comment letting me know that you are joining in on the fun and I will be sure to read your Five Things!

1. I am kind of a germaphobe. For example, when I get fountain drinks filled up at fast food places when I grab a lid I never take one off of the top. I always grab some a little further down in the stack in hopes that it hasn't been touched by a ton of people.

2. Benji started receiving additional speech therapy today. He will go once a week. This should be good for him and for us! The best part...our insurance covers everything! We don't even have to worry about the copay. So awesome!

3. This week I watched Role Models. I thought that this movie was hilarious! I really like Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott isn't so bad either. He is one funny guy.

4. Lately I have been so tired. Everyday I get out of bed hoping that I can crawl back in later, but later never comes. There is always something that needs to be done. ALWAYS.

5. I am addicted to Cherry Coke. It is so yummy, but really unhealthy. I go through phases where I will totally overdose on it then when I get really sick of it I quit it cold turkey.

Well thats it for this weeks Five Thing Friday! To learn more about me you can check out past Five Thing Fridays.


Jennifer said…
Mmmm. Cherry Coke. :-)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Leane said…
Hmmm....I think we may be very similar. I do the same thing with lids 'cause I think it will save me from touching a tainted plastic top....and I am addicted to regular cokes (instead of cherry)...I loved Role Models, and even after watching it too much, I still giggle...and my son puts puffs in his nose instead of his eye(but close enough, right).

I am really glad that you can get everything covered by ins. for's what insurance was created for....and its amazing that they are actually honoring the original purpose of the insurance and paying for what you need! Congratulations on that for sure.