Wordless Wednesday

Most nights we put the boys to bed and I look forward to spending some quality time with my husband and the little one.

Then this happens,

promply followed by this,

oh well, then I get some me time instead. Me time is always welcome.

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mail4rosey said…
Hahahahahahhahaha! I WISH this would happen in our house. Thanks for the morning smile.
Cascia said…
That is funny! I see the same thing at my house all the time. My husband tends to fall asleep with a sleeping child too.
Mommy said…
Too Cute!!! I love to see my husband sleeping with one of the babies in his arms:)
Miranda said…
Oh, aren't they cute. I say be thankful for the me time, don't you love it when the baby is happy to fall asleep with daddy!?
the first photo I was like aww - and then I scrolled down and LOL!!
Jennifer said…
Oh my gosh, that picture is hilarious! Your baby's smooshed up sleeping face though? Adorable!
LOLOLOL, that is completely precious!