Wordless Wednesday

Emilio was eating his puffs one morning and I looked back at him to find a puff eye patch! So, instead of wiping it off, naturally I grabbed my camera. He totally didn't even notice it just hanging there, forever... Then he hammed it up for the camera! Finally I took it off once I saw that he wasn't going to do anything about it. Enjoy, Pirate Puff Emilio!

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oops- didn't even bother him
haha he's just grinning away with a puff in his eye... how cute!
Run DMT said…
LOL Poor thing! I would have done the same, though. Happy WW!
Funny. He is so sweet. It didn't seem to bother him!
I am Harriet said…
Looks like he was having fun with it.
Very cute.
Staci said…
Too funny! What a cutie though!
Tiff said…
LOL he's so cute! Even with the eye patch!
spearmint baby said…
saw you on momblognetwork! i have two contests running on my blogs. check out www.spearmintbaby.com and www.spearmintdecor.com :)
So cute!
I have posted a Lovely Blog Award for you on my blog.