Aloha Friday!

I have been meaning to participate in this for quite some time! I think that this is such a great blog carnival and I have decided to incorporate it into my Fridays.

What is your favorite delicious and simple dinner that you love to serve your family?

I am in kind of a dinner slump and I need some fresh new ideas, so please help a mommy out! I love cooking but some nights I just want things to be easy. I am thinking your own version of thirty minute meals. I can't wait to hear your ideas, Yum!

My favorite right now is alfredo penne pasta with buttered garlic shrimp and spicy sausage added. So easy and oh so good!

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Swoozie said…
Hey! We're having my favorite meal tonite! It's grilled wild salmon, asparagus and a green salad on the side. We're serving at 6:30 ~~~ stop on over!
ahappyhippy mom said…
Pasta with fresh homemade sauce.
Messy Mommy said…
I don't really like to cook. I try new things, but ya can't get any better than good ole spaghetti and garlic bread. Mmm mmm good.
Helene said…
Yum, your pasta dish sounds yummy!!

Oddly enough, one of my simple, yummy meals are baby back pork ribs. I used to think it was such a high maintenance dish but it's really not. It does require some prep in the morning (only takes about 10-15 minutes) but then when it comes to cooking time, it's simple. Let me know if you want the recipe and I can send it to you.

Another easy meal I make is spagetti...that always goes over well with my kids!
Becca said…
I love fish baked in the oven. You can make it so many ways depending on the spices or marinades that you use!
Tara said…
I love making Calzones. So easy. You can make your own dough or just buy the 44 cent packets of pizza dough.. Fill them with everything you love.. takes about 15 minutes to cook.
Jacqueline said…
Hello, I followed you from the Mamma's Boys Site. Your blog is great! Did you design it yourself? Hopefully mine will look as good as this one day, for now it's basic.