Five Thing Friday!

Pretty Pink Momma

Its time for Five Thing Friday! This is my opportunity to share some of the bits and peices about me or anything going on in my crazy life so you can get to know me a little bit better. I would love for you to join me in the fun so I can learn more about you! Just grab the Five Thing Friday button on the right sidebar and post a comment letting me know that you are playing along and I will be sure to read your Five Things!

1. I am a huge Law and Order fan! I love the crime dramas. My favorite is SVU, all though I love watching the original and Criminal Intent too. Marishka Hargitay is so gorgeous!

2. My husband is going on vacation next week! This is so exciting! We are planning to take the kids to the zoo and play a lot. But, we also have a ton of housework to get done too. Rearranging some rooms in the house is on my "honey do" list. He's thrilled....

3. It has been so frickin' hot this week. I have air conditioning but I hate using it unless its totally neccessary. Lets just say that I am reaching my limit. Its about to go on!

4. I have three huge laundry piles in different rooms of the house. My loving hubs tried to help me out, and by help I mean do it cause he needed clean undies, but he ended up making huge piles of clean laundry everywhere! I like to keep stuff separate in baskets but he just threw everything that was clean once it came out of the dryer in huge pile and then put it in the guest room. Nice job, thanks hon.

5. I had a huge fight with my mascara yesterday morning and the mascara won. I just had one of those days where it wouldn't go on evenly on one eye and was super clumpy. I tried redoing over and over but it just got worse. I finally thought that it was "ok" enough for me to hurry up and get Benji to his speech therapy, but shortly after I got in the car it started running into my eye. I had to drive with one eye most of the way and by the time I got there I had teared so much from it stinging my eye that I only had makeup on one side of my face. Very attractive. I was so self concious that I felt I should explain my tardiness and my appearance, neither of which Benji's speech therapist seemed to interested in. I did look pretty weird though with only half of my face done.

Well thats it for this weeks Five Thing Friday! To learn more about me you can check out past Five Thing Fridays.


ModernMom said…
LOL I had that Mascara issue happen with an eyeliner recently. Wore sunglasses to drop the kids off at school. :)