Five Thing Friday

Pretty Pink Momma

Its time for Five Thing Friday! This is my opportunity to share some of the bits and peices about me or anything going on in my crazy life so you can get to know me a little bit better. I would love for you to join me in the fun so I can learn more about you! Just grab the Five Thing Friday button on the right sidebar and post a comment letting me know that you are playing along and I will be sure to read your Five Things!

1. My week has been crazy busy! My hubs is on vacation which sadly ends tomorrow. Even sadder, we only checked two things off of our to do list. sigh.

2. I can't wait for summer to start. I need to sleep in!

3. I am going through some major room rearranging at the house. This involves my garage, my guest bedroom and the family room. No to mention the new shed in the backyard that is need of total organization.

4. Today is Benji's preschool party, it will be nice that the hubs will be able to attend. Benji is so excited!

5. I haven't slept for more than four hours at a time for longer than I care to remember. I am hoping to break this habit, one day, hopefully soon...

Well thats it for this weeks Five Thing Friday! To learn more about me you can check out past Five Thing Fridays.


Anonymous said…
I really hope you can get some sleep. That has to be frustrating.
blueviolet said…
Hey Kimberly-

Did you have to notice that pretty little purple flower in your follower's widget today? Who could that be?

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack. And boy, did I miss you!!!! You'll have to re-follow. The old feed is dead.

Can't wait to catch up!
blueviolet said…
I meant happen to notice, not have to notice...LOL