Five Thing Friday

Pretty Pink Momma

Its time for Five Thing Friday! This is my opportunity to share some of the bits and peices about me or anything going on in my crazy life so you can get to know me a little bit better. I would love for you to join me in the fun so I can learn more about you! Just grab the Five Thing Friday button on the right sidebar and post a comment letting me know that you are playing along and I will be sure to read your Five Things!

1. I can't cook rice for the life of me! My mother-in-law came over last week to teach me how to make Arroz con Pollo, which is my husbands favorite dish of his moms. I thought I understood perfectly how she made it. Then I tried myself. The flavor was right but my rice was crunchy! I kept adding more water but nothing worked. This is probably my tenth attempt to make rice from scratch and everytime something goes wrong. At least I have finally mastered Rice A Roni!

2. I relaxed yesterday and watched a few old episodes of Dark Angel on the Sci Fi channel. I love waching the transgenics and Jessica Alba kick ass! I miss that show.

3. Over last weekend we have discovered a mystery in the garage. In between the pantry closet and another storage unit there is a ton of dirt. We need to move them apart to try to figure out what is causing it. Very weird, I am afraid it will be some creepy bugs causing the problem. Eeewww!

4. I finally got all, well most, of the laundry put away! I know this may seem small but I have had clean piles of clothes lying around for weeks. All that is left is the boys clothes. That is a never-ending battle.

5. Emilio can finally pull himself up to a stand! He has started scaling all the furniture and trying to stand as much as he possibly can. He will be walking in no time! How fast the time flies, it feels like yesterday that he was totally content to just lay in my arms.

Well thats it for this weeks Five Thing Friday! To learn more about me you can check out past Five Thing Fridays.


blueviolet said…
He's going to start doing that adorable little drunken sailor walk soon! teehee