I'm It!

Susan from Secrets of a Suburban Soccer Mom tagged me in a really fun game of photo tag.

The deal is that I have to go to my first photo file and choose the 10th photo. Then post it! When I am finished I need to tag five more bloggers to be "it" next.

Here is mine:

This was the tenth photo that is stored on my camera, which is all that the computer I am currently using has access to. This is actually a picture of one of the products that I will be selling in my business. I have been pretty quiet on my blog about what exactly my business is but this is a sneak peak I guess! If you are wondering exactly what this is, it is a yellow onesie and a white washcloth all wrapped up in delicious looking satin chocolate ribbon. I call it a Chubby Cinnabun. I will be selling these as a single or in a bakery boxed set of four. This is just one of many of the sweet themed products that will be offered on my website.

Here are the five bloggers that I have chosen to tag:

1. Cascia at Healthy Moms
2. Swoozie at Mommy Kingdom
3. Helene at I'm Living Proof that God has a Sense of Humor
4. Jennifer at It's a Beauty Filled Life
5. Dee at Two of Kind Working on a Full House


Jennifer said…
YES! I love this! I'll save it for Friday! ;-)
Dee said…
Oh that is soo super cute! Thanks for thinking of me!