Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We went as a family to Tolmie State Park on Saturday night and I was not thrilled to see live sand dollars for the first time! I had no idea that they were purple, I was so not amazed at their little feelers on the bottom, nope not me! And then I also could not totally help but laugh at little Benji, who was extremely upset that he had to get his "peet" wet and dirty to walk on the beach. I would never laugh at my child when he is upset, not me, never!

I would never watch too much VH1 reality tv in front of my kids! Not me! So of course I did not totally tell Benji that I had no idea what he was talking about when he wanted to know why the man and the woman on tv were going in his words "mlah mlah" (tongue gestures and all) with eachother. Then I also did not later tell him that only grown up boys and girls do that sometimes when they like eachother. I did not only step in to correct what the hubs said, he left out the grown up part. I would never assume that my four year old can distinguish the difference, no, not me!

So, it wasn't me that went grocery shopping the other day and decided to throw some condoms in my cart. Then upon returning home realized that the only thing that the checker did not give to me were the condoms. I did not call the store, and slightly giggle when telling customer service what I left behind. Oh, I was not totally embarrassed when they were not there and customer service explained if I really wanted them I needed to come back in and talk to a manager. No, not me! And no, I never went back. - I would have though, but I had no time!


Becca said…
You know what's weird? I've never thought of sand dollars as live creatures. Wow, thanks!!!! :)
mykidsmomx4 said…
I dont think I've ever seen a live sand dollar either! Thanks for the Not Me's!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!
(Yeah, I totally wouldn't have gone back either.)
Kelly said…
I would have been embarassed about calling the store back but they're expensive so I probably would have
Anonymous said…
I have a small surprise for you on my blog -- I hope you'll check it out!
Courtney said…
I have never seen a sand dollar either. that is too cool.

meanwhile, you have me giggling now!
Leane said…
Did they charge you? I think I would have taken ALL the kids with me and told the manager that I really need those things!!!

Ha! Thanks for the laugh!