Not Me Monday

12:00 AM Posted by Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I was so not happy that I was able to pick up a brand new flat panel Dell Monitor for a steal of $20! They were practically giving them away at Best Buy for $65 and I had $45 in rewards dollars. Score! Now I can totally get rid of the archaic, gigantic monitor for the desktop. What a reflief!

I went garage saling this on Saturday with my mother-in-law. She loves to pick up all kinds of stuff from trash to treasures. I was walking behind her after we had hit a couple of sales and noticed something a little odd. I thought she was wearing some kind of funky belt that had a sash in the back but upon closer look I realized that she had a long string of toilet paper coming out of the back of her pants! Like 4 or 5 squares long! I was so not embarrassed about my predicament. I had to create an oh so awkward moment and tell her about it. For a quick minute I almost decided against it but thought it would be far more embarrassing for her to walk around all morning with it hanging across her toush and finding way later and wondering why I hadn't said anything. After our awkward moment had passed, I most cetainly did not just carry on with casual conversation to act as if nothing embarrassing at all had just happened. Nope not me!

Last night I had a revelation. Never try to stab an avocado pit with a sharp knife. Ever. I was being lazy and decided that I didn't want to dirty a spoon by scooping the bugger out and decided just to stab it. Big mistake! The knife slipped off of the pit, went right throught the avocado and into the palm of my hand. After realizing that I stabbed myself I quickly assessed after the outpouring of blood that a bandaid would not suffice. I drove myself to the ER and had three stitches put in my hand. My hand! As a mom a hand injury is the worst! Do you know how many times a day that I wash my hands between myself and three kids? About a million. I did not really enjoy talking with the man nurse, Chris. He was not hilarious at all. Minutes before I left for home I had to check out with my instructions to watch for infection. He administered a pop quiz and asked me if I knew what signs of infection would be. I said red around the wound and it would be pussy - which gets weird because he very seriously asked me how to spell the word. And then I caught on and lauged so hard I almost peed myself! He said sometimes he has a hard time in his line of work with reading that word in the instructions of his colleaugues. I would never crack up at this statement, nope not me! I was so not thankful that Chris the male nurse was there to brighten the mood.
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  1. Renee said...

    Ha! what a weekend!

  2. kristi said...

    Thank God for Chris!! What a funny guy.

    Sorry about the hand stabbing incident.

  3. Foursons said...

    I have not been in the ER and had a really HOT male nurse. I was not crushing on him majorly w/my husband sitting next to me. I did not ask the female nurse who walked in next what happened to the really hot male nurse (with my husband right next to me). The female nurse did not tell me that all the female patients like him. I was not super disappointed when HOT male nurse never returned.

  4. Veronica Lee said...

    Ouch! That must have hurt. Hope your hand heals soon.

  5. blueviolet said...

    I'm glad he turned that medical emergency into a fun memory for you! But, I'm sorry you cut yourself. Ouch!

  6. Renee said...

    ooops, I should clarify...the 'ha' in my comment pertains to everything except the hand stabbing part. (nobodys that mean-right?) Hope your hand feels better soon.

  7. Six Feet Under Blog said...

    Love Memes!

  8. Jennifer said...

    Holy cow! Three stitches!? I'm cringing! AGH! I hope you're alright!!!

  9. LiLu said...

    Oh, crap... I ALWAYS do that with avocados... whoops!

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