Super Soaker 20th Anniversary Products Review and Video Clip

Its hard to believe that the almighty iconic Super Soaker came out twenty years ago! I so remember how awesome and popular the Super soaker was when it first came out. It was revolutionary and put "squirt guns" to shame. You were only cool in a water gun fight if you had one of these babies. Oh how that marvelous water gun takes me on a trip down memory lane. I loved those neighborhood battles every summer. I also remember that people, and by people I mean unruly teens, would go on rampages doing Super Soaker drive by's and soaking unsuspecting passers by. Ah, the Super Soaker, such a classic weapon.

I was cool, I think, so of course I had one! I had to keep those boys that I babysat for in line some how right? In fact, I still have that exact same Super Soaker to this day chillin' in my deck box. Funny how after all these years I felt the need to keep it. My husband pulled it out last year to unleash the fury on the boys but apparently it had lost its luster. It was over fifteen years old so I think that was probably to be expected. But it was cool to know that my beloved Super Soaker was passed on to my kids to use, even if it wasn't as cool as it was when I used it. Clearly we needed some new ones for this summer. Thankfully Hasbro sent my boys the 20th Anniversary Edition of the original Super Soaker 50, the Super Soaker Bottle Shot and the Super Soaker Quick Blast.

The Super Soaker 50 has an approximate retail price of $14.99. This is the 20th Anniversary Edition of the original water blaster that completey changed how kids played with "squirt guns" forever. This gun holds up to 25 ounces of water and can blast up to 35 feet.

The Super Soaker Bottle Shot has an approximate retail price of $7.99. My boys and I loved playing with this one. It comes with a pretty dinky screw on bottle that holds the water but the best part is that it has a universal connection that is interchangeable with most water bottles up to two liters! This makes it totally customizable depending on the user which I think is awesome. I can put a regular 16 ounce water bottle on it for Benji or Oscar to use but if I, or my teenage brother-in-laws use it they can use the two liter bottle. I could try to let my kids use the larger bottles but the more water in the bottle the heavier the gun is so the smaller ones work best with little guys. I also really loved that the Super Soaker Bottle Shot has a pump action instead of a trigger. It made it so much easier for Benji to use and it shoots up to 20 feet away.

Little Oscar loves the Super Soaker Quick Blast! This gun has an approximate retail price of $14.99 and so well worth it! Lets just say that Quick Blast is a very appropriate name for this fun gun. With one slide it will unleash a deluge of water on anyone in its way. It has a removable 32 ounce refillable tank and can blast up to 30 feet away. This gun is definitely the favorite to use when my husband's teenage brothers come over on sunny days. We have all ready had a few really great water fights in the backyard using this and the other two guns.

I thought that I would share a video clip with you all of Oscar and Benji's first experience with these guns. Please try to ignore my total girly scream when I get soaked in the beginning of this video.

Needless to say we have so much fun whenever we play with the Super Soakers. These water guns are definitely going play a huge role in our family fun this Summer. If you would like to try these awesome water blasters out for yourself you can pick some up at most major toy retailers and at