Wordless Wednesday

Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle I didn't realize that by moving just 75 miles south that our family would encounter some wildlife that we were not accustom to. Since moving here exactly three years ago, we have gotten used to the roaming deer, the crickets and the frogs. The frogs are really cool to see and the boys just love to look at them, me too. The only thing I don't think that I will ever get used to is the gardner snakes. They creep me out! Here is a picture of a cute little frog that we caught hanging out on our patio the other night.

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Sara Bonds said…
Cute! I actually freak out when frogs are around. I am not sure why, but I am slightly freaked out by them. However, I think they are so cute in photos. haha

Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!
Run DMT said…
Tree frogs are the coolest thing! We have some "pets" that hang out in our carriage lights on either side of the garage.

I live in FL. We gets lots of critters here in our backyard. It makes for great science teaching moments. ;-)

Happy WW!
I love frogs...but I don't see to many where I live :-( or turtles for that matter now that I think about it. How weird!

WackyMummy said…
Cute! I love frogs and the toads we find often in our yard. :)
mom2nji said…
We had one of those on our big screen tv when we came home one day! Dh screamed like a girl. His precious tv!!
Ooh, I'm not a frog person--I'm like Sara and freak out with frogs!
Cascia said…
Wow! That is a pretty cool looking frog.
Staci said…
So cute! We love watching the little frogs around here too.