Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I had such a blast enjoying Emilio's first birthday party yesterday! I was so happy to see my friends and their kids. I was not super annoyed that the only day this week that is was supposed to rain was on Sunday, during the party, not me! Then I was also not super excited when it only ended up sprinkling a little bit here and there and turned out to be a great time that we could spend indoors and outdoors.

Emilio got some great gifts but I was not really weirded out when my brother in law invited some of his close friends and their kids to the party. At the very end. Then it wasn't me that pretended I loved the gift that they brought when it was really a cheap $3 toy, one that I actually had received before from a different cheap ass person at a previous party, nope, not me!

At the end of the party my friends left and we were left to get to know my brother-in-laws good friends. Turns out that they were really nice, however, just completely rude all at the same time. My mother-in-law was very upset that one of the girls packed up all of the leftover food and took it home to their family. I was not completely laughing to myself as I watched her eyes widen as this girl just helped herself to all the food and drink in the house and packed it up in her car like she just got done shopping at Costco, not me! It was also not me laughing that she and I were the only ones to notice that this was going on. Then I couldn't help but crack up as I proceeded to do the same thing with what was left! The biggest difference is that I actually bought all of the food at Costco and gave it to my in-laws to prepare, unlike random hungry girl and her hungry family!


blueviolet said…
I can't believe somebody didn't say something when she just started hoarding all the food for herself.

I'm so glad the party was as wonderful as you had hoped!
Foursons said…
My jaw dropped when I read about the girl helping herself to all the food and drinks. What?! How the heck do someone rationalize that?
Jennifer said…
Woah. How did you keep a straight face and not say anything?! ;-)
Foursons said…
What kind of job do you have that you only work weekends?