ebeanstock Melissa and Doug Large Knob Puzzle Review

A few weeks ago I was asked to test toys for a company called ebeanstalk. You may remember that in previous posts I have raved over their site. They sent out a number of baby toys and toys for 1 year olds to toy experts (moms) for their review. Through reviews such as mine, this helps ebeanstalk select great learning toys. The toy they sent was the First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle from Melissa and Doug who makes lots of wooden toys.

I was thrilled to receive this puzzle. I have other wooden puzzles but none with the jumbo knobs so I was anxious to see how Emilio would like it. I know that once I saw it I immediately loved it! This Melissa and Doug puzzle is crafted by hand, one of the reasons that I love this brand in particular so much. The shapes were large and easy to recognize even though they were cleverly disquised in the shape of a house. I also loved that it was designed using primary colors, so I could easily teach Emilio the basic shapes and colors at the same time. I thought it was awesome but Emilio's opinion is what mattered most.

As soon as he got his sticky little fingers on it he went to town grabbing the jumbo knobs and removing and replacing all the pieces over and over again. I love that this puzzle is wooden. One reason being that Emilio's other favorite thing to do is bite on the peices, because he is teething like crazy. With other puzzles the material becomes soggy and can become a choking hazard. This puzzle is made of wood and built to last! The knobs are tightly secured to the puzzle pieces with a single large screw. Emilio adores this puzzle and beams with pride each time he fits a puzzle piece in its proper place. He also loves playing with the pieces individually and taking them around the house with him wherever he may go. Below are some pictures of Emilio enjoying his puzzle.

Bottom line, I would definitely reccommend the First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle for any one year old. It is a fun and easy to use learning toy that will withstand the test of time as it gets passed on from child to child. For other great one year old or Melissa and Doug toys go checkout ebeanstock today!


Leane said…
Great review.
That looks like a fantastic puzzle to own.
Smarti said…
M&D have been making great wooden puzzles for years. I used their puzzles when helping my son with motor coordination and they used them a lot at day care. They are classic.
Smarti said…
M&D puzzles are classic. I have some of their knobbed ones too that I used with my son when he was younger. They're great for developing motor coordination. I'll use them with my little girl when she turns 1.
bukaeyes said…
Glad I saw this because I was having a hard time telling my mother what to buy my almost 1 year old for Christmas. This would be a great idea for a gift foe her.